The Collective Team

The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective is a Social Enterprise that focuses exclusively on 14-24 year old - especially those who are troubled and/or disadvantaged in life.

Our team is a network of experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds, each with an abundance of skill and talent. We are all entrepreneurs in our own enterprises and wish to contribute to the Collective because we all feel genuine passion and fulfilment when we witness the spark inside light up in a young person’s eyes. When young people get a glimpse of their true nature and realise there is real hope for their future, that’s when the real magic happens.

Here are our amazing team


Our Collective Partners

To enable us to deliver at scale, we also have the capacity to draw on our own Collective network, as well as collaborate with our partners. The Collective includes over 50 trained Wellbeing ambassadors; including our own certified Wellbeing Coaches, Mentors, Educators and those who can ‘Train the Trainer’.

All of our partners work with the revolutionary ‘Inside-out’ paradigm - the principles of innate wellbeing – also known as ‘The Three Principles’.

We are proud to partner with…