Practitioner Development Program: Get Lift-Off

Are you ready, willing and able to get your InsideOut Practise started - or is something in the way?

‘Although I already had over 20 years expertise as an Executive coach in the Corporate world, when I transitioned to sharing from an understanding of the three principles, I knew I needed some support to bridge between the old and new ways of working and being.

I bridged that gap with my own Mentor Cathy Casey holding my hand; deepening my grounding, offering practical guidance and nudging me out of the nest to fly. At the time, I felt I needed the confidence to teach this new understanding in the ‘right way’.  Fast forward 7 years later, and along with Ian Watson - Wellbeing expert of over 30 years experience, we would like to offer fledgeling practitioners that same support that will help you too to fly’.

-       Elizabeth Lovius Co-Founder The Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy

We offer a program of practical support from experienced Mentors to those new to being an InsideOut/3P practitioner or who are transitioning from a previous expertise to the InsideOut Paradigm.

We can help you to:

Get support

Get ideas

Get started

Get Lift-off

This is for you if…

  • You have already developed your own insightful understanding of the principles of innate wellbeing*

  • You have done a considerable amount of your own study and training into the principles of innate wellbeing*

  • You feel you are ready to get your own practise going and you’d like to get lift-off

  • You have ideas of where to start (or would like some) and would appreciate some support to initiate your ideas

  • You are looking for some guidance, mentoring or practical resources that might inspire you or help you to get started

  • You are looking for a supportive, safe community to learn from others and share your own experience to help others

What will you achieve?

The Outcome of attending this program are that you jump in and start to share and teach your own understanding of wellbeing as a practitioner, in a community or organisation that matters to you.

Over Six months you will receive 17+ hours of support and will:

  • Get clear on how you will get yourself going

  • Get feedback and support on any ideas and materials you want to share

  • Gain support and confidence to lift-off

What is the format?

We have developed this program to support those who want to get started. We want to provide a space where you are able to follow your own wisdom and follow your own path. You will be mentored by people who have already had success in starting, and will give you access to the tools and resources that we know have worked, for you to adapt and tailor to suit your own environment.

The format for this Six month program is

  • Six x 2 hour monthly group live Webinars (recorded)

  • 5 x 1:1 Mentoring calls where you are matched with a certified Wellbeing Mentor who is experienced in communities and/or organisations

  • Access to all our marketing and communication materials and course outlines such as: research, proposals, presentations, course descriptions, e-learning program etc

Are there any pre-requisites?

We recommend that you have:

  • experienced your own insight that has had a transformative and sustainable impact on your wellbeing (for at least six months)

  • developed the capacity to model the way and encourage wellbeing in your own community or organisation

  • had at least 50 hours training and/or study hours in the principles of innate wellbeing* ideally aimed at practitioners

  • had personal mentoring and/or supervision from an experienced mentor of innate wellbeing*

What is the criteria for certification?

This is not a certified practitioner programme as we focus instead on supporting you to get your practice up and going and get lift off in your community or organisation as a Wellbeing Practitioner.

This is a helpful step in gaining your pre-requisite practise hours for the certified Wellbeing Trainer Program.

* The principles of innate wellbeing are also known as the Inside-Out paradigm or the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness articulated by Sydney Banks

Starts NOV 2019

Practitioner Development: Get Lift-Off

Our experienced team, including Elizabeth and Ian will offer you practical support, resources and mentoring on how to get yourself up and running as a Wellbeing practitioner in your community or organisation. We intend that by the end of the program all participants will have jumped in and are swimming - or at the very least have dipped a toe and are confident to jump!

Online group webinar dates: Nov 13/Dec11/Jan 15/Feb 12/Mar 11/Apr 22

1 to 1 mentoring to be arranged at a mutually convenient time Cost: £795 or £145 per month for six months